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@DIYMarketingCtr | Veronika Noize

Can you fall in love with a software service? @AudioAcrobat it has been 8 years, and baby, I hate NOTHING about u! #love #bestofthebest #gratitude Try it and see for yourself

@TeachMeLaw | Tara Kachaturoff

Looking for outstanding customer service? You'll find it in Brian Ball at @audioacrobat. He's the best. Great company & service. Thanks!

@JanLutherEFTPro | Jan Luther

I love AudioAcrobat! I use it every day. Great product, awesome service, amazing staff @AudioAcrobat Thanks Dave Barrett!

@KimTurcotte | Kim Turcotte

5 Tools that make my business easier & enhance my client relationships Tool #3 @AudioAcrobat

@JanetHilts | Janet Hilts

Thanks, @audioacrobat, for consistently great customer service. You're a great role model for us all!

@Self_Publish | Shelley Hitz

Just set up my podcast using @audioacrobat Wow, was it easy! I can record by phone or computer. ..so simple, love this!

@StephCalahan | Stephanie LH Calahan

@AudioAcrobat Woot! My podcast and iTunes are now all in place. Super easy with AudioAcrobat.

@PeggyDolane | Peggy Dolane

@AudioAcrobat OH: "You are the @nordstrom of the IT world."

@ErinBlaskie | Erin Blaskie

Recommended: @audioacrobat for their audio hosting, storage and conversion abilities!

@SwetaSpeaks | Sweta Patel

Use @AudioAcrobat during your speaking engagement by asking your audience for testimonials just by dialing in. How convenient! #Swetaspeaks

@Hoovers | Hoover's

Self-service storytelling: give members an @AudioAcrobat phone number so they can call & record their story. Upload online as mp3. #cmgrchat

@EmmaLangman | Emma Langman

Check out the tweets from @AudioAcrobat for a company that 'gets' social media for customer service!

@SocialUpgrades | Social Upgrades, SMO

Been using AudioAcrobat off and on for over 4 years now. Been very pleased with their service. Never once had a problem.

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Joanna Garzilli

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Ronda Del Boccio


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Since AudioAcrobat was first introduced in 2004, our members have been overjoyed to share their experiences on our Reply Line, cite their excitement in email responses, greet us in-person with hand-shakes and smiles at trade shows and stay in touch with of daily @mentions, direct messages and re-tweets on Twitter!  Here we've assembled some of our favorites in hopes that newcomers to AudioAcrobat may get to know us a little better through others' kind words!

People in every possible endeavor, in over 100 countries, create audios, landing pages, podcasts and videos daily with AudioAcrobat!  

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All applications and services have features.  It is the strategy of use which makes a feature worthwhile.  The flexibility of our attributes, knockout features, lightning-fast support and top-notch strategic training says it all!  As pioneers in hosting, publishing and streaming media, we have trained thousands on how to record and distribute media, for which the results have been more than rewarding as members all over the world continue to send us their thoughts and experiences.  Once a member really believes that we have earned our salt, there is no holding them back, which we feel the following quotes convey quite well.


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I just want to thank you for your great service all these years. I am a HAPPY customer, and always have been. Recently I had to change cards because someone hijacked my card numbers and I had to wait several weeks to get another card.

When I talked to the woman at AudioAcrobat about why my payment would be late, she was SO wonderful, supportive, kind and informative. She even helped me learn about how to protect my card in the future and she took the TIME to educate me about fraud. I felt like I was talking to a friend...SO wonderful and not common in business.

And I have always felt like I have a great relationship with AudioAcrobat where I'm actually talking to CARING, available people. And I appreciate that you have not raised the prices as I am a single woman, self employed, and SO grateful for all of you at AudioAcrobat.

Your service has always been quick and caring over the years. Thank you. Thank you.

Susan Wight
Professional Life Coach

All these years of using your system with no issues have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Thanks for doing your best to give me this great tool for sharing the work I do with the world.

Rick Reynolds
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I appreciate you, and have appreciated your service since day one. I worked as a manager of an IT help desk and technicians at an aerospace company so I am qualified to assign you all an A++!!!

Kay Packard
Founder and Director
American Academy of Hand Analysis (AAHA)


I just wanted to offer a little support for your great staff at AudioAcrobat. I have had an account since 2005 and I am constantly impressed and grateful for the conscientious way you all do business.

Jan Luther
TRS Press and EFT For Grief Programs

Greetings from India...

I really admire your patience and clarity in explaining things.  They are really crystal clear and gave lot of ease and grace in using the services.

I truly acknowledge your passion but also your commitment to serve the clients with utmost sincerity which is rare in the present society.

D.Satya Murty., IAS., & ACC
Principal Secretary & Managing Director
Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Ltd

I took the landing page training from AudioAcrobat, and thought it was probably the most useful training session I had on the web.  After watching/listening to the training, I was able to create great-looking (Web) pages immediately.

I highly recommend this training.  I use it for teleseminar registrations, product sales, special notices and other tactics necessary to making money on the web.

With a few helpful hints from the training session, my landing pages soon looked so professional that it doesn't seem possible that a 58-year-old could have done them!

Bill Quain, Ph.D.
CEO & Executive Author
Wales Publishing Company


Great Basic Training Class!

Even though I've been using your service for years I enjoyed the basic training class.  I'm also glad I took it because I never noticed (or took the time to learn on my own) about your new social media functions.  That alone will be incredibly useful to my clients who podcast.

Looking forward to the next training!

Christina Lemmey

Great class. Wonderful to learn how to do a squeeze page so quickly, effectively and cost consciously. Thanks for all the tips and the extras like book titles.

Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Psychotherapist


I had such a wonderful time attending your class ... it was very enlightening, what you can do using the AudioAcrobat Program.

I have shared it with my pastor and a few ministers on staff.  I think they will be interested in taking class also.  This will not be the last time I will be plugging in with you ... I am so happy my publisher (Success Connection Team) referred me to take your class.  I'm going to let him know how much I gained from taking a class like this.

It is an "eye" opener.  I'm going to need all of these strategies when I publish my book next year.  It going to be so helpful in getting the word out.  Thanks for everything.  I will be calling you!

Minister Evelyn J. Perkins